# Creating AWS keys

To use digger, you will have to provide AWS keys, so Digger could seamlessly deploy your application on AWS infrastructure

To get the keys, an AWS account is required.

After registering with AWS, you will have to complete these steps:

  1. Login to AWS.
  2. Proceed to the IAM page IAM
  3. Press on Users
  4. Press on Add users. IAM
  5. Enter your chosen user name, for example: DiggerApp
  6. Press on the Access key - Programmatic access checkbox IAM
  7. Select Attach existing policies directly
  8. Press on the checkbox near AdministratorAccess
  9. Press Next: Tags IAM
  10. Press Next: Review IAM
  11. Double check that the required permissions are there and press Create user IAM
  12. Press on Download .csv and save it on your machine. It contains the AWS access keys for later. For now, you can copy Access key ID and Secret access key, return to the Digger app to continue your deployment from there. IAM